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01 July 2010

Selma KAMPE SHUTT BLACKMON Ancestral Pedigree

Who am I?
According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, genealogy is defined as:
Genealogy: an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor; the study of family pedigrees; an account of the origin and historical development of something.
Ø In genealogical research, the pedigree is the skeleton. The pedigree consists of names, dates and places.
Ø In genealogical research, always search from the known to the unknown.
Ø In genealogical research, always document your findings. Genealogy without documentation is mythology.
My physical characteristics are a combination of my ancestors. A few of the surnames in this physical history are: ARMSTRONG, BAKER, BAUMGARTEN, COUCH, DRALLE, DUNHAM, ELSNER, HERMANN, KAMPE, KOPPELMANN, PRESTIN, SCHULER/SHULER, SIELING, VON GUTEN and WREDE. Future articles will include collateral family lines.
My personality is a combination of these ancestral lines with the added influence of my environment. Joliet, Will County, Illinois, is the location of my birth to young adult life. My paternal ancestors were farm families in Frankfort, Will County, Illinois. My maternal ancestors were Illinois and Michigan Canal boat captains and workers. They lived in Lockport, Will County, Illinois. My maternal grandfather made sure the boat reached Seneca, LaSalle County, Illinois, on Sunday to enjoy a chicken dinner and the company of a certain young lady. Subsequent articles will tell more about all of these families. Articles about my family and my research are the reason for this blog.
My real identity or spirit is that I am made in the image of God. Genesis 1:27. According to the Holy Bible Authorized King James Version, I am a child of God, Romans 8:14-17, Galatians 2:16, 20, and Galatians 3:26-28.