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21 August 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Shuler, J. N. (1831-1902)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXII – NO. 6700 Saturday, October 11, 1902 pg 1

Ottawa’s Oldest Citizen Arrived on October 10, 1836.
  Many of the older citizens of Ottawa have been here for a long term of years, but none so long as our fellow townsman, Mr. J.N. Shuler. Sixty-six years ago today he came to Ottawa with his father’s family from near Harrisburg, Pa. They came by boat down the Ohio and up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers to LaSalle. From there the journey was by wagon to Ottawa. Says the Rep. Times.
  At the time of the arrival of Mr. Shuler the inhabitants of Ottawa were not very numerous. The houses on this side of the Illinois numbered only about a dozen and on the south side perhaps double that number. The business was all conducted on the south side, and at the time $18 was the price of a barrel of flour. On this side of the river the old barracks and log jail were situated at the site of the Fox River Hotel; the Mansion House – for years the leading hotel – was just being completed, and Mr. Shuler and his folks stopped there until the completion of their own home. The inhabitants all told numbered not more than 100.
  Even though many people feel that Ottawa has not developed nearly fast enough, there certainly have been many changes and much advancement during the period of Mr. Shuler’s citizenship.