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13 July 2013

FGS Conference August 21-24, 2013 in Fort Wayne, Indiana – come and join us!

The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference will be held August 21-24, 2013 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As volunteer ambassadors, we are given “assignment” questions to write about on our blog. The following paragraphs include the questions and my responses.

The answers to the following two questions flow together. How do you make your conference schedule? How do you select which lectures to attend?
·         After deciding my current research goals and educational interests:

  • ·         Read the schedule
  • ·         Eliminate lectures off topic of my personal goals
  • ·         Read the syllabus
  • ·         Study the schedule
  • ·         Study the syllabus
  • ·         Eliminate lectures previously attended at other conferences, webinars, or articles
  • ·         Mark sessions that will be taped for possible purchase
  • ·         Attend lectures of speakers who are known to add extra slides not in outline
  • ·         Attend lectures of speakers I have not heard before or are recommended by other attendees
  • ·         Listen to vendors and attendees
  • ·         Readjust schedule

 When do you make time for the exhibit hall?

  • ·         Between lectures
  • ·         During lunch breaks
  • ·         Extended hours Thursday
  • ·         When not attending a lecture

How do you keep track of when and where you need to be?

  • ·         Past conferences, my method was paper and pencil marking up a paper schedule. This year, I am adding electronics to my gear, so may be a combination of both. I am not sure that total paperless is for me; someday soon?
  • ·         Write out daily schedule with alternatives
  • ·         My schedule is continually shifting due to new information from other attendees, new speakers I want to hear again, or vendors input.
Thank you for the Ambassador drawing prize! This unexpected extra will go towards vendors’ products.

See you in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference.

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