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18 July 2013

Start now to pack for the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference

The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference will meet in FortWayne, IN on August 21-24, 2013. Start packing your suitcase both mentally and physically. Set aside a corner of the room to collect must have items. What must you bring to a genealogy conference? What must you bring to FGS? Everyone will answer these questions differently.

The following is my list of must bring items to FGS.
  • Dunham family association fliers – the Dunham Singletary Family Connections Association joined the FGS family of genealogical societies this spring.
  • Business cards – great for networking
  • Netbook – preloaded with updated genealogical program, data base and conference syllabus
  • Camera – photos of friends
  • Walking shoes – plenty of exercise strolling between the lectures and vendors
  • Credit cards, cash, or coins – for machines and vendor purchases
  • Snacks – as my food choice is limited
  • Pillow – for back comfort
  • Yarn – knitting helps me concentrate, keeps my though process in a straight line

All of the above are vital and some items are already in the packing corner. Also, significant is my upbeat attitude to learn:
  • new ideas (my way is not the only way to do something)
  • about new products (expand my tools)
  • ways to use current products (make use of what I already have)
  • research methodology (lectures and networking)

What else will I pack? With the above list, not much will be left at home. This year, I have added a smart phone. Hopefully, I am smart enough to use it. I have added the Evernote program Hello for scanning business cards and adding other contact information. The usual comfortable clothing and slippers for the hotel room are a must. Along with my daily vitamins for physical strength, I will pack my Bible and readings for daily spiritual strength.

See you at FGS in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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