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13 October 2013

Dunham and Singletary connections family surname

Jane Angeline Dunham Couch my second great grandmother offers interesting research challenges. After many years of corresponding with Dunham family members, my search is coming to some conclusions. Where did I come from, who and where do I belong? Gratia Dunham Mahony compiled and shared her research in the July 2009 Dunham Singletary Family Connections with an article titled The Newport, Rhode Island DUNHAM Family. My Jane Angeline and her brother Lindsey William Dunham are part of the Newport, R.I. family. This may open up a linage society membership as Jane's grandfather Joseph Dunham applied for a Revolutionary War Pension. More research is to be done to completely connect the dots.

The Jane Dunham and Lindsey William Dunham connection needs more research! The father of Lindsey is William. The mother of Lindsey is Sarah. This does not compute with what I have on Jane. I do know that both were working together N.Y. in the early 1800s and Jane and husband, Elisha Couch purchased land from Lindsey. corrected 27 January 2014

In the meantime, continue to check out the Dunham surname in every repository, library and book search. Keep a list of YOUR surnames and check them at every opportunity. the following are a few recent finds.

The book on pioneer ladies is from a show and tell genealogy meeting.
The Augusta research is from my trip in October 2013. For the complete article, read Genealogy spotlight: Augusta, Georgia.

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