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08 January 2014

Family history: SCHULER, William John (1871-1964)

My grandfather, William John Schuler was born in Lockport, Will County, Illinois 12 September 1871. By 1885, he was a mule driver and deck hand on the Illinois and Michigan Canal. Many interesting stories have been handed down such as "Don't pay the deck hands before the boat is tied up." He related how once near Peoria, he paid the men and they jumped ship and swam to shore. During his courting years, he had to stop in Seneca on Sunday for chicken and to visit a certain young chick. William John and Nettie Ethel Couch were married in home of the bride in Seneca, Illinois on 23 December 1908. While on the boat, Nettie cooked for the crew. Eleanor Lena, their first child was tied to the washing machine so she would not fall overboard. By the time of the second child, William Lloyd, permanent residence was established on 8th Street in Lockport. They had five children with four living to adulthood, marriage and raising their own families. On 31 December 1964, Grandpa Schuler or Pa Shoo (privilege to call his name depended on family status) laid down on the bed for his afternoon nap. At 93 years of age, naps are a privilege no one will dispute. Grandma mentioned that it was time for dinner and time to wake him.  What a peaceful way to pass away.

The copies of his pilot license were obtained from the National Archives at St. Louis. MO.

The SchulerKampe family trees are a work in progress on RootsWeb, My Heritage and Ancestry. Or, if you have questions and comments, please write me at

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