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24 December 2010

The life changing importance of genealogy, example, the genealogy of Jesus Christ

The knowledge of genealogy changes mankind, an example the calendar. The wisdom of genealogy changes lives. Knowledge of family medical history will lead to wisdom regarding health issues. At this Christmas season, search for knowledge and wisdom to understand this celebration.

Genealogical knowledge of Jesus Christ is preserved in the New Testament of the Bible. In the gospels of Matthew and Luke, the authors offer the reader historical information. In Matthew 1:1-17 the genealogy starts with Abraham. Matthew’s account identifies Jesus as the king and the messiah fulfilling Isaiah’s prophesy in 11:1-5 of the promised descendant of King David.  In Genesis 12:1-3, God promises Abraham “you will become the father of a great nation.”  Luke’s account, Luke 3:23-38, includes Adam, father of all mankind. The wisdom of including genealogies demonstrates the focus of God’s love and attention for individuals. Abraham’s descendents saw the wisdom of genealogical knowledge in order to receive God’s blessings. Carefully guarded oral traditions were handed down. These traditions have been recorded in the Bible and translated into many languages. 

During his time on earth, Jesus Christ refers to God as his father, John 14:1-13, and Mary as his mother, John 19:26. The teachings of Jesus expand his genealogy. As recorded in Luke 8:21, Jesus said, “my mother and my brothers are all those who hear the message of God and obey it.” In Matthew 16:15, Jesus Christ asks the question, “Who do you say I am?”  For personal knowledge and wisdom, pray and read the books of Psalms or John.

May you have a blessed Christmas season.

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