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23 July 2011

Surname Saturday – Cemetery relocation surnames

The following surnames are from the thirty-one cemeteries relocated by the Army Corps of Engineers during the Grayson Dam Project in eastern KY in 1964.l

The article “RG 21 case #718 land condemnation records at NARA at Atlanta” posted on metro Atlanta Genealogy on provides more information regarding cases. The textual records are available for research at the National Archives at Atlanta, 5780 Jonesboro Rd, Morrow, GA 30260, 770-968-2100.

Abbott, Adams, Arnett, Ballard, Barker, Barry, Birchum, Blankenbeckler, Bledsoe, Blevins, Boggs, Bowling, Branham, Brickey, Browning, Bryant, Carpenter, Carroll, Church, Clay, Clayton, Cole, Conley, Craig, Creech, Crockett, Davidson, Duncan, Edmiston, Ely, Evans, Fraley, Gause, Gibson, Gilbert, Grave, Gray, Greer, Hale, Hall, Harper, Harris, Hearberlin, Hollingsworth, Horton, Hylton, Johnson, Justice, King, Kitchen, Knipp, Lander, Leadingham, Lewis, Maggard, Mainus, McDavid, McMeans, Miller, Mobley, Newland, Oney, Palmer,
Parsons, Pennington, Pope, Qualls, Rayburn, Rice, Salmons, Salyers, Sexton, Simpson, Smith, Sparks, Stirgill, Tackett, Templeton, Toliver, Trivett, Vicars, Walker, Wallace, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Workman, Wright