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21 August 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Catherine (1855-1914)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXXII-NO. 10,726, Wednesday, march 11, 1914, pg 2

  The remains of Mrs. Dume [Doom] Armstrong were laid to rest in Moon cemetery Tuesday afternoon. A number from here attended the funeral services.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, D. H. (circa 1808-1879)

Streator Free Press Weekly, Streator, Illinois
VOL. VI. NO. 28, Saturday, March 1, 1879, WHOLE NO. 288

D.H. Armstrong, of Gibson, county superintendent of schools for Ford county, died Tuesday evening of pneumonia, after a short illness. He was a young man but was esteemed a very efficient school officer.

Sunday's Obituary - Shuler, J. N. (1831-1902)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXII – NO. 6700 Saturday, October 11, 1902 pg 1

Ottawa’s Oldest Citizen Arrived on October 10, 1836.
  Many of the older citizens of Ottawa have been here for a long term of years, but none so long as our fellow townsman, Mr. J.N. Shuler. Sixty-six years ago today he came to Ottawa with his father’s family from near Harrisburg, Pa. They came by boat down the Ohio and up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers to LaSalle. From there the journey was by wagon to Ottawa. Says the Rep. Times.
  At the time of the arrival of Mr. Shuler the inhabitants of Ottawa were not very numerous. The houses on this side of the Illinois numbered only about a dozen and on the south side perhaps double that number. The business was all conducted on the south side, and at the time $18 was the price of a barrel of flour. On this side of the river the old barracks and log jail were situated at the site of the Fox River Hotel; the Mansion House – for years the leading hotel – was just being completed, and Mr. Shuler and his folks stopped there until the completion of their own home. The inhabitants all told numbered not more than 100.
  Even though many people feel that Ottawa has not developed nearly fast enough, there certainly have been many changes and much advancement during the period of Mr. Shuler’s citizenship.

14 August 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Katherine Frances (1855-1914)

Armstrong, Katherine Frances, nee Koeppel (1855-1914)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXXII-NO. 10,718, Monday, March 2, 1914 pg 1

  Mrs. Katherine  Frances Koeppel Armstrong died at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon from a complication of diseases. The funeral services will be held at 2:30 o’clock tomorrow afternoon at the residence, 308 North Shabbona street and the remains will be buried in Moon cemetery.
  Mrs. Armstrong was born in Peoria and was 59 years old. She was united in marriage 35 years ago in Ottawa to Doom Armstrong. Surviving is the husband and eight children-Mrs. F.M. Frazier of St. Joseph, Mo.; Mrs. C.S. Ayers of Ottawa; Thomas, Elmer, Doom, Otto and Romayne at home. Also one sister, Mrs. Mary Ryster, and brothers, Chris, Joseph and Frank, all of Peoria, and one brother in Nebraska. Also eight grandchildren. After her marriage she came with her husband to reside permanently in this city.
  The decedent was a loyal, kind and devoted wife and mother and was loved and respected by all her neighbors and friends and lived a consistent and Christian life.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Earl (1913-1913)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXXII-NO. 10,873. Monday, October 13, 1913 pg 5

-Earl the five months old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong died at their home at 7:30 yesterday morning at Reading. The child had been suffering from a severe cold which developed into pneumonia. The funeral will be held at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon at the house, interment in Moon cemetery.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Evelyn (1911-1913)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXXII-NO. 10,783 Saturday, March 1, 1913 pg 1

  Evelyn, the fifteen months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dooma [Dume] Armstrong residing on East Bridge street was terribly burned late Thursday afternoon. Just how the little one’s clothes caught fire is not known. Mrs. Armstrong put the baby on the kitchen floor and while in another room, the clothes of the baby caught fire. When the mother reached the child the latter’s clothes were ablaze. Hastily picking her baby up Mrs. Armstrong ran from the house. This only aided the flames in burning the more fiercely. A neighbor seeing this and thinking Mrs. Armstrong was carrying a burning piece of clothing shouted to her to throw it in the snow. Obeying the command, Mrs. Armstrong put her baby in the snow. The flames were extinguished but the little one was badly burned. A doctor was called and the unfortunate child was hurried to the hospital.
  The fact that the baby was rolled in the snow made the effect of the burns doubly severe and at first it was thought that the recovery would be impossible. Reports from the hospital this morning are that the chances appear bright to save the life of the baby.

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL.XXXII-NO. 10,784 March 1, 1913 pg 2

  Evelyn, the sixteen months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Doomdly [Dume] Armstrong died at about midnight on Saturday night as the result of injuries sustained from burns last Thursday. Owing to the nature of the cause of the death of the little one, a corner’s inquest was held. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.
  The parents reside at 912 East Bridge street. Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong formerly lived in Chicago, where the child was born October 29, 1911.
  The funeral services will be held at the residence at 2:30 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon and the remains will be buried in Riverview cemetery.
  The story is a sad one and was told in the Free Press of Saturday. Mrs. Armstrong had placed the baby on the kitchen floor and while in another room the clothes of the baby caught fire. When the mother reached the child the latter’s clothes were ablaze. Mrs. Armstrong ran with the child out of the house and succeeded in extinguishing the flames by placing the child in the snow on the advice of a neighbor, the neighbor thinking that the mother was carrying some burning rags.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, infant of F.P. Armstrong (1911-1911)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXXI-NO. 10,305. Tuesday, August 1, 1911, pg 4

  At 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon at the family residence, 206 South Monroe street, occurred the death of Calhoun, the five-weeks-old child of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Armstrong. Death resulted from a complication of diseases. The funeral was held this afternoon with services at the house at 3:30. Interment was made in Riverview.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Cecil (1892-1910)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois
VL. XXX-No. 9962, Wednesday, June 22, 1910 pg 1

Son of Popular Reading Township Farmer Passed Away at Home This Afternoon.
  Cecil Armstrong, son of George Armstrong, a Reading township farmer, died this afternoon after a prolonged illness. He was eighteen years old and had consumption for many years.
  The particulars of his death are not now known, but will be published later.

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXX-NO. 9963. Thursday, June 23, 1910, pg 1

Cecil Armstrong, Who Died Yesterday, Will Be Buried in Riverview Cemetery.
  Cecil, the eighteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Armstrong, of Reading, whose death was mentioned in yesterday’s Free Press, will be buried from the home Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
  Mr. Armstrong had been troubled with consumption for many years but it was only about a year ago that he was considered near the danger line. He was in his second year at the local high school when he had to discontinue his studies on account of the illness. Many of the students were well acquainted with him and they will regret to hear of his death. There will probably be many of the students at the funeral.
  The decedent is survived by his parents and two brothers, Ray and Arlie.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Phoebe (1881-1909)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXIX - NO. 9739 Saturday, October 2, 1909 pg 1

(United Press Association.)
  Chicago, Oct. 2, - Charles Miller, aged 41 years, today shot and killed Phoebe Armstrong aged 28, from Morris, Ill., as a result of a fit of jealous anger and then killed himself.
  They roomed at the same house, and Miller climbed down the fire escape to the girl’s room and took her life first, then his own.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Perry A (1822-1904)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXIV. – NO. 7386  Tuesday December 27, 1904 P 4

Well-Known Historical Writer Passes Away At Morris.
  Hon. Perry A. Armstrong, one of the most widely known men in northern Illinois, and whose interesting life history as already been given in these columns, died Friday afternoon at his home in Morris, of cancer, after a long illness.
  Mr. Armstrong was in his 82d year. The funeral was held Monday.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, George (1896-1903)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois
VOL. XXIII. – NO. 7051, Monday, November 23, 1903, pg 1

Death of Seven Year Old Son of Geo. Armstrong, of N. Everett St.
  George, son of George Armstrong, 1208 North Everett street, died yesterday morning about 1 o’clock after an illness of three weeks with pneumonia, he being 7 years of age.
  The funeral was held this afternoon. Rev. Baker, of the Primitive Methodist church, conducted the services, the interment being made in Riverwood cemetery.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Mary Ann (1854-1902)

Streator Daily Free Press. Streator, Illinois

VOL. XXII – NO. 6700 Saturday, October 11, 1902 pg 1

Long Suffering of Mrs. George Armstrong Ended Yesterday.
  Mary Ann Armstrong, wife of Geo. Armstrong, died yesterday afternoon at 3:40 o’clock at the family residence, 1312 North Everett street, after an illness of about fourteen months with cancer.
  Mrs. Armstrong was 48 years of age. She is survived by her husband, who is a miner, and ten children, four of who are married.
  The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock; services conducted by Rev. Baker, at the house.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Mrs. John S (1810-1896)

Streator Daily Free Press, Streator, Illinois

VOL. XVI. –NO. 4824 Wednesday, August 5, 1896


- Mrs. John S. Armstrong, of Sheridan, died yesterday from heart trouble at the age of 86 years. Her father and family came to this country in January, 1830, and in 1834, she was married to Mr. Armstrong, who is now left to mourn, after a happy married life of 62 years. Eleven children were born to them, of who three survive. “Aunt Margaret” was well known throughout the county, and was highly esteemed by all.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, John F. (1815-1893)

Streator Daily Free Press, Streator, Illinois

VOL. XIII, NO. 4032 Monday, December 4, 1893

- John F. Armstrong, of the West Side, who has been in Chicago the past two months undergoing treatment at the Eye and Ear Infirmary, was called home last Saturday by the sudden death of his mother, who has been making her home with him. Mrs. Armstrong was 78 years old at the time of her death, and leaves eight children to mourn their loss. Martin, the oldest, resides in Kansas, Edson in Decatur, Salem n Iowa, Mrs. Eliza Defenbaugh in Ancona, Mrs. B. A. Graham in Storm Lake, Iowa, and William, Deemy and John of this city. The interment will be made in Moon’s cemetery.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, John G & John H (both died March 1890)

Armstrong, John G & John H (both died March 1890)

Streator Daily Free Press, Streator Illinois

March 7, 1890
-         John G. Armstrong, the well known newspaper may, died at his home in Ottawa yesterday of spinal meningitis at the age of fifty-three.

-         J. H. Armstrong died at the hospital last evening after a severe illness of many months duration. The funeral services will be held from the family residence at 2 o’clock to-morrow afternoon.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, Ed. L. (1830-1877)

Streator Weekly Free Press, Streator, Illinois
5 Dec 1874

 -  Ed. L. Armstrong died on Saturday night, the 29th inst, in the 44 year of his age, of consumption. The funeral took place on Monday p.m. inst. Mr. Armstrong came here many years ago and has lived among us ever since. He leaves a wife and many friends to mourn his departure.

Sunday's Obituary - Armstrong, George W. (1813-1902)

Streator Daily Free Press, Streator, Illinois
Thursday, January 30, 1902, page 4

Hon. G.W. Armstrong Passed Away at an Early Hour This Morning.
Ottawa, Jan. 20 – Hon. George W. Armstrong, of Brookfield township died at 1 o’clock this morning after a few weeks’ illness, although he had been in delicate health for several years.
  He was born in Licking county, O. December 11, 1813. In 1831 he came to Illinois and settled on a farm which is now in Marshall county, but the following year he came to this county. He participated in the Black Hawk war. He bough a farm in Brookfield in 1833, and that has been his home ever since. He was a close friend of Stephen A. Douglas. He was elected to the legislature in 1844 and to the constitutional convention in 1847. He was in the legislature eight consecutive years, and was a useful, conservative member. He was a member of the board of supervisors for twenty two years, fourteen of these as chairman. He was one of five directors who built the Kankakee and Seneca railroad.
  Among his children, of who there were nine, was J.G. Armstrong (“Beemus”), a well know Ottawa newspaper man, now deceased. Supervisor M.N. Armstrong is also a son, James E. is a prominent instructor in the Chicago schools, and Charles G. a wealthy electrical engineer and inventor.
  The funeral will be on Saturday, interment at this place.
(a longer bio is in 31 January 1902- some added family but not sibs given)

Sunday's Obituary - Scheel, Mrs. Elenora Scheel, nee Campe (1850-1934)

Scheel, Mrs. Elenora Scheel, nee Campe [Kampe] (1850-1934)

Newspaper unknown, Joliet, Illinois

SCHEEL - Mrs. Elenora Scheel, nee Campe, mother of Charles J., Fred H., Mrs. George Elsner, Mrs. Alvin Bruggeman, and Mrs. John Weitendorf, last night at the farm home of Mrs. Bruggeman in Monee, Ill. She was born in Bremen, German, on March 17, 1850, and came to this country in her early teens. She was the widow of John D. Scheel, who was one of the early settlers of the south side, the family home for many years being at 48th st. and Wabash av. Services will be held at the home of her daughter, after which there will be a service in St. Peter's Evangelical church in Frankfort, Ill., at 2 o'clock on Thursday. Burial will be at the Frankfort cemetery.

Sunday's Obituary - Neiland, Mrs. William nee Elsner ((1891-1924)

Neiland, Mrs. William nee Elsner ((1891-1924) [Nieland, Edna Leonora]
Newspaper unknown, Joliet, IL

Frankfort, June 23. - Mrs. William Neiland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elsner, died in the Silver Cross hospital Tuesday night. She was 32 years old and was born in Frankfort. She was married to William Neiland. She is survived by her husband; two children, Richard, two years old, and Marjorie, six years old; her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elsner; two sisters, Mrs. William Kampe and Mrs. Emil Schroeder; two brothers, George and Henry, all of Frankfort.
The funeral was held Friday at two o'clock from the home in Green Garden. Rev. Blasberg officiating. Burial in Green Garden cemetery.

Sunday's Obituary - Elsner, George Robert “Pete” (1923-2010)

Newspaper unknown, Joliet, IL

George Robert "Pete" Elsner, age 87, late of Wilmington, IL, formerly of Frankfort, IL died Thursday, February 4, 2010. A veteran U.S. Army W.W. II. Preceded in death by his wife, Shirley. Survived by one daughter, Geraldine Milavec, two grandchildren John (Julie) Milavec, Diane (Rich) Hill, five great-grandchildren, one sister Dorothy Porter, and long time companion Leila and her six children Ron, Deb, Joy, Tim, Becky, and Char. He was a retired carpenter and a member of the Frankfort Memorial VFW post 1493. Visitation Sunday, February 7, 2010 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Gerardi Funeral Home, Lincoln Highway at 95th Avenue (one block East of LaGrange Road on Route 30) Frankfort, Il. Services Monday, February 8, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. at the funeral home. Interment at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers family request memorials to Frankfort V.F. W. For funeral information 815-469-2144 or 708-754-2144.

Sunday's Obituary - Elsner, Lottie nee Rahm (1894-1956)

Newspapers unknown, Joliet, Illinois

ELSNER, Lottie, nee Rahm. -
Age 61 years. Thursday, March 8, 1956, at her home in Frankfort. Survived by her husband Henry; 1 brother, William of Frankfort. Remains resting at Hirsch Chapel, Tinley park, where funeral services will be held Saturday, March 10th, at 1:30 p.m. Rev. Erich Bizer officiating. Interment Pleasant Hills cemetery. Friends may call at the chapel Friday from 7 to 10 p.m. Please omit flowers. Arrangements by Zechlin Funeral Service.

Mrs. Elsner, 61 Life Resident County, Succumbs
Mrs. Henry (Lottie) Elsner, 61, bedridden for the past 30 years, died Thursday at her home in Frankfort.
Her husband, Henry, is disabled now also and has been confined to his bed for several years.
Mrs. Elsner was the former Lottie Rahm. A daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rahm, she was born in Green Garden Township. She lived there and in Frankfort thruout her life-time.
Besides her husband, she is survived by a brother, William Rahm, of Frankfort.
Funeral services will be Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the Hirsch Chapel at Tinley Park. The Rev. Erich Bizer, of Frankfort, will officiate. Burial will be in Pleasant Hills Cemetery.
Friends may call at the Funeral home at Tinley Park from 7 to 10 p.m. this evening.
Friends are asked to omit flowers.
Arrangements were handled by the Zechlin Funeral service.

08 August 2011

Will County Historical Society textual records: Canal Commission letters

Historical records offer genealogical information. While researching the Illinois and Michigan Canal Commission records at the Will County Historical Society, family information will be discovered among the Commission Letters Collection dated 1885-1918.

The Will County Historical Society is located at 803 S. State St, Lockport, IL 60441, call 815-838-5080, or online at For more information, contact Sandy Vasko, President WCHS, at
Examples include:
9 May 1885, petition for reimbursement, John Shuler lost three mules when ground gave way, also signed by Joseph Strobel, George and Emanuel Thomas

28 September 1900, expense account from Will Shuler, for steamer and board, Harvey Chamberlain also mentioned, keep checks will pick up at home

16 February 1907, keeper of locks 3 & 4, Albert Schultz, resigns with plans to farm in Iowa

1912-1914 Ed Schuler work permit
also on the permit, O'Leary, Doran, Walsh, Effting, Hyland, Coreeran, Murray, Coady, Miller, Carroll, O'Brian, Cousland, Mondtomery, Blicic, Colgan, Kelly, Mulvihill, Voris, Tibbetts, Schultz, McDonald, Herbert, Bardsley, Meagher, Bealse, and Tasharski

The addresses include Ottawa, Lockport, Chicago, Peoria, Channahon, Lemont, and Banner, IL.

Many more historical and genealogical documents are waiting for someone to find them, scan them, and share them.