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01 August 2012

The importance of quality family research

To the family historian, researching the past is very time consuming and necessary. Details are most important. What is the purpose of all this research? While reading a novel the following quote sums everything.

If you don’t know the stories of your own past, Dulcie thought sadly, what can you cling to when you feel alone? If you don’t have a family history to tell you who you are, everything flies apart.

The quote is taken from Cat to the Dogs by Shirley Rousseau Murphy on page 118. This Joe Grey Mystery was published in 2000. Dulcie and Joe happen to be cats living in Molena Point, California. They entertain and share their thoughts, families, and mysteries with their readers. Even cats know the importance of family.

According to, John Farmer (1789-1893) first standardized U.S. genealogical research in the early 1800s. Even before this, families keep lineage records in an attempt to prove kinship, wealth, or entitlement.

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