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04 June 2013

Who were the postmasters of Frankfort, Will County, Illinois?

My dad, Henry Kampe (1916-1983) has a first cousin LeRoy Mager (1909-1986) who was a postmaster for Frankfort, Will County, Illinois. With this information, I am interested in the office locations and names of other postmasters from Frankfort. This research leads me to the following information.

National Archives microfilm publication M 1131. Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-Sept. 30, 1971. Printed at the National Archives at Atlanta. Scanned for publication by Selma Blackmon.
Postmasters appointed before 1832 are found in the NationalArchives microfilm publication M1131, Record of Appointment of Postmasters, Oct. 1789-1832. Postmasters appointed after 1832 are found in the National Archives microfilm publication M841, Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-Sept. 30, 1971. The Frankfort, Will County, Illinois microfilm records are not available after 1954. Also in Record Group 28 is the Post Office Department Reports of Site Location 1837-1950 on microfilm M1126.

I did view and print copies of the postmaster microfilm at the National Archives at Atlanta. The postmaster microfilm has been digitized and is available on The location microfilm has not been digitized.

Levi M. Clayes
1 February 1832

Matthew VanHorne
8 September 1842

Alonzo Higley
18 September 1855

Matthew VanHorne
23 January 1856

Edwin A. Stolp
22 May 1860

Wm. H. [B] Cleveland
1 June 1861
Frankfort Station
Wm. B Cleveland
29 April1868

David W. Hunter
12 May 1869

Lewis Claus
21 February 1872

Howard S. Barker
21 December 1882

Jacob Miller [Mueler]
15 September 1885

Howard S. Barker
31 May 1889

John Kohlhagen
1 September 1893

W. B. Norse

John Feil
23 June 1897

Mrs John Feil
9 December 1901

Esther E. Feil
21 January 1905
Esther E. Feil
12 June 1905

Max T. Haass
24 July 1907

Robert E. Stephen
25 August 1914

Mrs. Amelia K. Fink
15 February 1934

Leroy J. Mager
30 September 1953

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