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16 August 2013

WW I photos from Frank Taylor to Delcie Taylor, Vienna, Illinois postmark June 2, 1919

American Graves Prum, Germany 1919
Family histories are in photographs; genealogy is in dates. The genealogy is the bones and skeleton on which to hang the family history of photographs, diaries, and oral traditions.
About 40 plus photographs are looking for their skeleton, their family. Would a genealogical society, historical society, library, museum or family provide the exposure and love that these deserve?
The photos dated 1918-1919 are from Frank Taylor to his sister Delcie Taylor, Vienna, Illinois.

Also, I have photos taken of the building of a bridge between Illinois and Kentucky over the Ohio River probably a few years earlier looking for permanent exposure and love. A few of the river photos may be viewed at the article on “Genealogy: How to identify photographs” at

If interested contact me, Selma Blackmon, or see me and the photos at Federation of Genealogical Society Conference in Fort Wayne, IN next week.

circa 1919

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