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22 March 2014

William DUNHAM lived in Wisconsin during the mid-1800s, who is MY William?

There are at least eight William DUNHAM's living in Wisconsin in the mid-1800s. I am related to at least one of them, but, which one? This will be a series of articles attempting to separate the families.

The first identified William Henry Dunham was born 1833 in New York. In 1860, he married Olive Briggs. Olive was born 1843 in New York. Harry Melvin (1861-1944), their son, was born in Wisconsin. Also in the family is Clinton Alpheus (1867-1944), Edwin Barzalla (1870-?), Pearl Eulalia (1874-?), Effie (1878-). William Henry Dunham died 21 August 1907 in Delton, Sauk County, Wisconsin.

The above information is just dates, but establishes a family. The dates were abstracted from the U.S. population schedule census records for 1900, 1880, 1870; the 1890 Veterans Schedule; 1905 Wisconsin, State Census; and the Wisconsin Deaths 1820-1907.

Now my goal is to add pictures, family stories, and meet my cousins. My reason for choosing this William for the first article is because of the other names in the family. In the mid to late 1800s in LaSalle County, Illinois, the Couch family has some of the same given names such as Harry and Melvin. Also, Edwin Brazalla has children named Ethel Mildred (1904-1997), Henry (1910-?), Milton (1912-?). My maternal grandmother is Nettie Ethel Couch Schuler. Nettie's sister is Mildred. Nettie's daughter is Mildred. Nettie's granddaughter is Ethel. Recycling these names so much must mean a connection, but where and how? Photos show family resemblance. How do we document connection?

More articles on the William's in WI to follow. For more information on how to search your family please read my Examiner articles:

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