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13 February 2015

Follow Friday - Dunham - Wilcox - Trott - Kirk

One of my Thomas MacEntee "Do Over" projects is to make a toolbox on Evernote; the problem is all the bright shiny objects or BSO or rabbits to chase. As all websites must be verified before adding to the toolbox, this may take some time.
Grandma and Grandpa Dunham
In my pile to read and give away is the December 2011 Family Tree Magazine. On page 21, the surname DUNHAM caught my eye. So, off to and several hours latter this article about my great exploration finds. The site is easily searched by surname, area or help me questions. My interest is Jane DUNHAM or Joseph DUNHAM or Newport, RI.  In the transcribed church membership roll for Foxborough, MA of 22 Jan 1879, I read that on 31 August 1834 by baptism is listed Jane DUNHAM, letter 6 June 1841.This is the only site so far that I have found a Jane in this time period. I am not sure of any other information. This will take further research. Also, many other DUNHAM and Rhode Island hits on this site. But, duty calls and I must get back to the toolbox and research later.

The church records are listed on and Family and Heritage Quest online. My choice for now is the web because I like the ease for searching. Thank you for keeping this up and updating it.

Jane Devlin, this site's founder and webmistress,
passed away in September of 2014.
We, members of her family, have finally gained access
to the site and we intend to keep it running.
We can't promise frequent, if any, updates,
but we believe that Jane invested too much time
and love into this site to let it disappear.

This site is named in honor of my Grandparents,
but you will find more than 5800 data files for CT, MA, RI, NJ, NY & MI
including over 400 will & probate files, 300 deeds &
over 300 gravestone photos from Middlesex Co., CT,
in the Reference Data section with additions being made weekly.
If you find something useful, would you please take a moment
to look at my Lost Souls section and see if you can help?

Does this qualify for "Follow Friday" or should I post somewhere else?

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