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05 November 2015

John Schuler 1815-1875

According to family records, Johannes Schuler was born 4 January 1815 in Endingen, Emmendingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany.[Not being an European researcher, I have no idea what the full location names mean.] John died 21 August 1875 in Lockport, Will County, Illinois. He was buried 25 August 1875 in the Lockport City Cemetery. Not exciting news, what happened between the birth and death dates? Follow his migration path.

John Schuler emigrated from Endingen, Germany in June 1833. Johann Georg Schuler and his wife, Agnes Zimmermann, left sometime in June of 1833 with their five children. Johannes Schuler, the eldest child, was 19. David J. Sautter's Endingen research is available on Family

Passenger records reveal the family arrived in Baltimore, Maryland between July and September 1833. In 1838, John married Anna VonGunten in Wood County, Ohio. What happened between 1833 and 1838? At this time, no records reveal their secret. After his wedding, John and his new bride set out for new territory in Illinois.

The 1840 U.S. Federal Census lists John Shuler in Kane, Illinois. Could this be John and Anna? Two people within the appropriate age range are enumerated in the household. From my personal searches, other canal workers resided in Kane County before working on the Illinois and Michigan Canal.

The 1850 U.S. Federal Census lists John in Lockport, Illinois. He labored on the I & M Canal, purchased land from the Canal Commission and produced six children between 1840-1852: John 1840-1916, Elizabeth 1842-1915, Charles Henry 1845-1904, Mary Ann 1848-1933, Caroline 1850-1917 and Agnes 1852-1916. What happens next? 

He and his wife attended Christmas church services in 1852. Within the next year or two, John headed west. With the work on the canal completed, did he head west looking for work? Family lore tells of other family members looking for gold. Did this entice John? The 1860 U.S. Federal Census shows a potential male living in Long Barn, Yuba, California. The 1870 U.S. Federal Census lists a male living in Newcastle, Placer, California. In 1872, John wrote a letter to Ann that he was coming home. A long life, I would like to know John and all the family better. Also, I would like some photographs.

For more of my findings on John Schuler/Shuler read Genealogy research: Migration, Immigration,Emigration or SchulerKampe Family Tree on My sources are documented. The tree is op
en and public.

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