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10 February 2016

DUNHAM research in Oneida County, New York - early census

According to family records, Jane Angeline Dunham was born 6 November 1823 in Rome, New York. The 1855 New York state census collaborates this information. Land records place the family in Rome and Verona in the 1850s. Who is Jane's father? My census research offers several possibilities. But, my family photographs offer another possibility. Which will be correct or is there another possibility?

Before explaining the census research, the photographs keep haunting me. The photographs of "Aunt Sarah Dunham" and "gr grandpa & gr grandma Dunaham [Dunham]" beg for a say so in my debate. In Jane's 1906 obituary, she is identified as Mrs. Jane A. Couch survived by two living sisters (unable to locate county death records). Who? Aunt Sarah's face matches other Oneida County, New York Dunham's. So, she is probably a Dunham by birth not marriage. Sarah Dunham Hickok died in 1911. Sarah had a sister, Louisa Dunham Boyden who died in 1913. Documents verify their parents as William F. Dunham and Sarah Metcalf. Jane's son Eugene was married in 1874 in Streator, Illinois. William F. and Sarah were alive until after 1880. Maybe they attended the wedding and stopped in Kankakee for a photograph.

 BUT census records do not substantiate this hypothesis. Census records point to Joseph Dunham of Rome, New York and born in Newport, Rhode Island. Find A Grave provides information that a Joseph Dunham was buried in Stanwix Cemetery, Rome, New York in 1854.If this is the same Joseph then the photograph is wrong.

Findings from the Oneida County, New York census research:
1840 - 12 given names with 3 possibilities: Alpheus (b1810) lived in Westmoreland, Joseph (b1787)lived in Rome, William F.(b 1799) lived in Whitestown.
1830 - 9 given names with 3 possibilities: Alpheus (b1810) lived in Whitestown, Joseph (b1787) lived in Rome, William (?) lived in Utica. If this is William F. children should show up, none listed.

Following these families:
Alpheus (b1810) does have a daughter named Jane Ann. Jane married James Nobel. A future article will parallel these two ladies.
Joseph (1787) does have a female in the household and the correct age. So far, unable to verify other members of the household.
William F. (1799) does have multiple members in the household. If he would be Jane's father, some of his other children would have to be shifted to different age categories.

William F. Dunham (1799-?) and Sarah Metcalf (1799-?) family documented with the help of "cousins" and documents:
Lindsey William Dunham (1820)
Sarah Dunham Hickok (1821)
Augusta Dunham Boyden (1825)
Louisa Dunham  Hempton (1834)

Who is Joseph? What happened to his family? Joseph may be the same as buried in the Rome Cemetery in 1854.
The 1850 federal census for Phoenix, Oswego, New York:
Joseph (1787) born in Rhode Island
index Benyer (1824) digital looks like Benajer?

The 1870 federal census for Rome Ward 2, Oneida, New York:
J. B. Dunham and Elisabeth without a Joseph.

The 1850 and 1870 census match ages, these may be the same people. Could the J.B. be Benajer? No relationships are given.

Adding "my Jane" to the mix, the ages match the 1830 and 1840 marks for Joseph in Rome. "My Jane" was married in 1846 in New York.

From the census research, Joseph presents the best case for her father. How do I explain the obituary with two living sisters? More articles as I find records.

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