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17 September 2016

DUNHAM and COUCH in the Kankakee, IL city directories circa 1900

DUNHAM, Nathan A - woodworker, 371 Indiana Ave

COUCH, Elisha T - farmer, 230 Locust, also same address Carrie A. & George H.
The city directory has no publisher and no page numbers. The directory pages were scanned at the Kankakee Public Library in August 2016.

DUNHAM, Nathan A - David Bradley Mfg Co, res 371 Indiana Ave, pg 63

DUNHAM, Charles - painter, res 392 Rosewood Ave, pg 179

COUCH, Jane - wid of Elisha T, res 230 Locust, pg 55

COUCH, George H. bds 230 Locust, pg 55

COUCH, Carrie S. retoucher CE Voss, bds 230 Locust, pg 55
"Smith's Directory of Kankakee 1898-1899," no front page, Kankakee, Illinois Public Library, viewed and copied 2 September 2010 by Selma Blackmon.

DUNHAM, N.A. - carpenter, 198 Dearborn Ave, pg 81
Kankakee City Directory, Dunlap & Livingston printers, Kankakee Public Library

DUNHAM, Nathan A, mach F & W, h 200 Harrison Ave, pg 89

COUCH, Carrie S, retoucher, bds 192 Rosewood Ave, pg 77
"Directory of City of Kankakee, Illinois, Illinois Eastern Hospital and Bradley Illinois also Kankakee County Illinois for 1904." Kankakee: compiled by Frank O. Chapman, printers Republican Co. Kankakee Public Library. Scanned August 2016 by Selma Blackmon.

DUNHAM, Florence Mrs, dressmkr, r 157 Hickory, pg 167
"Samson's Kankakee, Illinois City Directory and Kankakee County Directory 1911." Bloomington: Chas. M. Samsom. scanned at the Kankakee Public Library August 2016 by Selma Blackmon.

Nathan A or Nathaniel A DUNHAM married Florence SNYDER. According to census records, they later divorced. For my research see Roots_Digger family tree on
During my research trip in August 2016, the Kankakee City Directories and the map was scanned at the Kankakee Public Library, 201 E. Merchant St, Kankakee, Illinois 60901. The addresses were plotted on the 1900 map "Standard Atlas of Kankakee County Illinois..." Chicago: compiled and published by George A Ogle. 1899. Today, these are empty lots just north of the original court house. Carrie Couch worked for Mr. Voss. Charles E. Voss, photographer lived and worked in the same area.
Questions: Charles and Nathan (Nathaniel) DUNHAM are they connected? With COUCH and DUNHAM living so close, is there any connection?

National Geographic Maps type in Kankakee, Illinois for a free view of the town.

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