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03 October 2016

Dunham and Couch families found in Eureka, Missouri

The following brief quotes are from the Eureka, Missouri 150th Anniversary book. This excellent work provides historical narratives and photos of many families. The book may be ordered from the Eureka Historical Society, PO Box 4, Eureka, PO 63025.

Over half a page is dedicated to this family, since DUNHAM is my surname interest, I am focusing on Henrietta:
...[Robert] was born in DeKalb County, Missouri, on April 27, 1910, the son of William and Drusilla Stanton.... Bob married Henrietta Dunham on April 25, 1936. The Stantons first came to Eureka in 1950, when Bob got a job with the Eureka school system. "I remember that my salary was $300 a month and my title was elementary supervisor," said Stanton...
The narrative on page 265 continues with more interesting tidbits about their family and life. Henrietta died July of 1988.

   Several pages have been dedicated to the COUCH family, Charles, Sally and their sons Milton and Keller. Many interesting stories center around the Eureka Ice House build in 1871. Look on page 75 to read how ice was made and stored for the hot Missouri summers. Read about the attempted safe robbery. The building has been everything from a grain mill, restaurant, movie house to an exercise gym and antique shop.

Dunham and Couch were the only names familiar to me. But, I read most of this large book. Contact the Eureka Historical Society for more information or visit their Facebook page.

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