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31 October 2016

"Finding Your Roots" by Janice Schultz

Finding Your Roots: Easy-to-Do Genealogy and Family History offers successful search tips from Janice Schultz a librarian and genealogist. Mrs. Schultz started work in the genealogy department at the Mid-Continent Public Library in 1987. "Genealogy is a journey that allows us to know our ancestors personally. As we discover details about their lives, they become real to us."

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Already on page 9, the reader is given the assignment to fill in a blank pedigree chart. In the previous pages, the author explained in detail what information will be needed. In the assignment, the reader is directed to a web page with blank forms. In this example, the URL is, the URL for the Midwest Genealogy Center at the Mid-Continent Public Library. The author continues, "The main goal for any researcher should be to produce a family history that is based on sound genealogical research and that interprets ancestors' lives in terms most readers will understand." Genealogy or family history? Both!

The book builds on the beginning assignment from page 9 of writing out a personal pedigree chart and family unit chart. This assignment continues in every chapter with suggestions for research called "Genealogy: Twenty Minutes a Day." Using examples and details, the author deals with every topic from dictionaries and directories to vital records. Example, "Printed and Internet Sources," chapter five and page 152 offers the reader the suggestion of visiting your local library or exploring online historic maps and county histories. Every chapter has a Twenty Minutes a Day idea for how to personalize research.

What makes this book unique?
  • perspective of both a librarian and genealogist
  • extensive resources
  • assignments for researchers with limited time
Schultz, Janice. Finding Your Roots: Easy-to-Do Genealogy and Family History. Chicago: Huron Street Press. 2013. introductory quote from page vi.

Check area libraries, this book is available at the Gwinnett County Public Library, Georgia. Ask yourself, does this book help me advance towards my genealogy goals? Comments or questions, please contact Selma Blackmon, Thank you!

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