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31 October 2016

"How to Use Evernote for Genealogy" by Kerry Scott

How to Use Evernote for Genealogy by Kerry Scott combines the research tools desired by genealogists with Evernote. Kerry expertly demonstrates how to organize your research and boost productivity. In her introduction, the author writes, "Evernote is actually the key to being a more efficient, more effective person in every part of my life. It's been especially helpful in making me a better genealogist."

The chapters are detailed, yet not overwhelming. The contents start with a chapter on what Evernote is all about. The second chapter explains the difference between the free and paid accounts and how to download the software. The contents end with chapters on protecting files and troubleshooting. The eight chapters in the middle are genealogical productivity specific. The author explains organizing, finding, tagging, sharing and syncing. Chapter eight, Putting It All Together, provides examples of how this is done on a daily basis. "Use Evernote to help you build and maintain good research habits...." reminds the author on page 157.

A few of my favorite tips include how to use tags to analyze data and spot patterns, how to search and how to use the atlas. After reading Kerry's tag and search suggestions, I combined or eliminated several of my unnecessary tags. This is not a book to be read and set down; it is a book to open and study next to my computer. Together, genealogy and Evernote offer a remarkable research blend! The author offers ideas, not in depth technical assistance. Several times, social media members provided me additional technical help.

How to Use Evernote for Genealogy exceeded my expectations. The content is specific to genealogy. In the chapters, the author informs the reader what to expect then delivers and provides a worksheet. Several days were productively spent with Evernote open on my computer and Kerry's book open next to me. This reader felt the author sitting next to me and talking directly to me. She held my hand with each new useful concept. My reaction, "I never thought of using it that way."

Question for my readers, how can e-books be integrated with Evernote? Please send me your comments, thank you Selma Blackmon.

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