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30 October 2016

"Images of America: Frankfort [Illinois]" by Rachel Gilmore with the Frankfort Area Historical Society

Walk down memory lane with me. Use Images of America: Frankfort as a guide. Share memories with friends and family. Frankfort is located in Will County, Illinois. In the introduction, the reader learns about the Frankfort Preservation Foundation. Dan Hatton, founder (1993) and first president describes the organization "dedicated to preserving the past for the sake of the future..." The Frankfort, Illinois citizens honor the past in preservation for the future. The Frankfort Area Historical Society organized in 1972 continues to play an active role in preserving, protecting and promoting Frankfort's history.

Examples from the book include many streets are named for founding families. On page 15, a photograph of the Elsner family adds people to the name of Elsner Road. Elsner is one of my ancestral names. On page 12, a photo of Kohlhagen Park and John and Maria Kohlhagen. Now the park offers more than just a name. These are founding Frankfort, Illinois families. The photograph on page 45, reminded me of cold delicious ice cream on a hot summer day from Priami's parlor in the early 1950s. The photograph on page 84 of the Frankfort Brass Band in 1897 reminds me of the photograph in our family of William Kampe (1883-1960) in his band uniform. Will we be able to identify him as one of the band members?

The book ends with a short page About the Organization, the Frankfort Area Historical Society. Annual activities include scholarships for high School students, hosting the Lantern Parade and the Holiday Housewalk. The museum includes an extensive document, photograph collection and historical artifacts such as cameras and dolls. The photographs in this book may encourage the reader to plan a trip to the Frankfort Area Historical Society museum. Maybe find a photo of your family?

Thank you, Dorothy Elsner Porter for introducing me to this book as a map for my walk down memory lane. Many of the 1960s photos are from the Robert Porter Collection, Dorothy's husband. Dorothy Elsner Porter's photograph is on page 109. Dorothy, thank you for sharing your memories. Sad note to end this article, Dorthy Elsner Porter passed away in July 2016 at the age of 98.

Comments, questions or share your memories with me at Selma Blackmon. Thank you.

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