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09 December 2017

Ruhama Raymond born about 1771 in New York

Who is Ruhama or Reuhuma Raymond born about 1771 in New York? She was married to Joshua Raymond date unknown. They apparently lived their life in Bedford, Manchester County, New York. Their children are Alanson, Alexander, Sally, Edwin and Jane.

Sorry, no photos or wonderful documents to share. Ruhama is in the 1850 census. Her husband, died in December 1839 according to his probate. At the time of his death, his wife and children are mentioned in the probate with Samuel L Smith husband to Sally as executor.

According to many online trees, Ruhama has various death dates. All seem to be without documentation. Was this erroneously taken from Joshua's probate? Even a grave marker has the date of 1832, but the stone is too faint to read. If she is in the 1850 census with her son and mentioned in the February 1840 probate, I doubt the reading on the grave marker is correct.
 The probate can be read on Wills and Letters, 1777-1983; Author: Westchester County (New York). Surrogate's Court; Probate Place: Westchester, New York. page 98.

Another site,  "Our Family Tree, " offers 1853 as a death date. But again, no sources! I must apologize, as many of my tree items have no sources. That will be my project this next year. It is embarrassing to be asked, "Where did that come from? or, How do you know that?" and have to answer, "I don't know."

My interest in this family is the given name Alanson and New York. My Dunham research has Alanson Hickok married into the Dunham family. Alanson Hickok moved to northeast Wisconsin in the mid 1800s.

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