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20 November 2013

Union Civil War documents for William Long, Frankfort, Will County, Illinois

Three types of records may exist for Union Civil War soldiers: compiled service records, carded medical records, and pension applications. The researcher should examine each type of record completely and separately before combining with the other two. Read the records several times; abstract or transcribe the information; make a timeline of the activities; analyze the information; write a report of the findings, both matching and contradictory; write further research plan.

Using Mr. William Long/Lange as my example, the following information was gleaned from his enlistment papers:
  • Name on enlistment William Lange, signed with a mark
  • Enlisted in the Civil War on January 21, 1864
  • Enlisted in Joliet, Will County, Illinois
  • Served in Company F, 64th Illinois Infantry
  • Mustered out July 11, 1865 in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Bounty paid $180; due $120
  • Clothing account $86.50
  • Rank private
  • Born in Germany
  • Age 18
  • Occupation farmer
  • Physical description hazel eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5 ft 7 ½ in height
  • Resides in IL 6 District of Will County, Frankfort
  • Present during all muster roll call except July and August 1864 when sick and slight thigh wound
  • Wounded at the battle near Atlanta, GA on July 22, 1864 information of wound from 64 Regiment, 1 Brigade, 4 Division, 16 Corps dated July 23, 1864 and signed by Ag’d H.T. McDowell, Lt. Col. 39 Ohio Company, Index 26 No. 39

 Further research after abstracting the enlistment papers will include:
  • Who else from Frankfort joined the unit at the same time?
  • Use muster roll cards to follow company activities
  • July 22, 1864 battle near Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hospital records for wound and sickness
  • William Long and William Lange same person, reason for name changes

In the Carded Medical Records, every card is important. This information may substantiate or refute information in the Pension Application. Using Mr. William Long/Lange as my example, the following information was gleaned from his carded medical record:
  • 1864 March 12 – mumps, returned to duty 15 March, hospital 164, page 93
  • 1864 April 3 – catarrhs, returned to duty 4 April, hospital 58, page 99
  • 1864 July 22 – gunshot wound, admitted 22 July returned to duty 22 July, remarks, left thigh slight, Reg 598, hospital 141, page 116
  • 1864 July 22 – wound, thigh slight
  • 1864 July 30 – febrile remit, sent to G.H. [general hospital] 31 July, Illinois Reg’l, Reg, 593, hospital 193, page 117
  • 1864 Oct 9 – febrile remit, sent to G.H. hospital 11, page 123

 Further research after abstracting the Carded Medical Records will include:
  • Define abbreviations
  • Locate hospital records
William Long and Louisa, his widow, pension applications have too many gems to include in this article. That article will follow soon. How to use Union Civil War documents in your family history.

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