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16 May 2018

Fellow genealogists, how come . . .?

Kampe, Selma Ethel baptism, First United Methodist Church of Lockport, Will County, Illinois. Accessed on Ancestry.
Dear fellow genealogists, how come you didn't respond to my correspondence? Confessions from one who has used them all. Life gets in the way. We have often hear, "Life is short, do genealogy first."

When I do not receive that return note, maybe instead of becoming angry, I should attempt to walk in their moccasins for a mile. What has been holding them back from replying?

This is possibly my third attempt at the Genealogy Do-Over started by Thomas MacEntee. Thomas has books, ebooks, blogs and a Facebook group. Each time, I am able to dig deeper. Our Genealogy Group at Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia, has been using this program.

Recently, while checking forgotten emails, I found two beautiful family photos from a 2016 email. I immediately returned a different photo with an apology. The apology could have included any one of the following:
family illness or death
family vacations
family graduations, school programs
too tired to move
too confused to type
too much social media
family, daily care such as food, laundry, etc

What has happened? LIFE!

Have you, like me, every joined a group but were unable to continue? Life happened; we never returned.

The happy ending to the 2016 photo email story: I acquired a new friend, family, and DNA match. My "new" cousin thanked me for the email with photos.

Lesson for me to be gentler with my responses,

Happy tree climbing and roots digging,

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