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12 December 2012

National Archives at Atlanta offers genealogical information

"How can I find her parents?" and "Why is it important to search all records?" these two question pop up over and over again. This article offers an example of digging into text records.

The birth of  George Kennedy on 28 August 1896 in Augusta, GA was found in the Augusta Arsenal Files (1869-1913). Following up on the First Friday Freebie talk by Nathan Jordan on military records, this author found genealogical nuggets in the two volumes. These text records may be viewed at the National Archives at Atlanta, 5780 Jonesboro Rd, Morrow, GA 30260 or contact the staff.

Other family history finds include:
The birth names identify the baby; father’s name, age, rank; mother’s age, maiden name. Birth surnames include: Adams, Carruth, Clark, Ford, Fuller, Helfiker, Huff, Kennedy, Simmons, Smith, Tyler, Young  

The marriage names include the couples’ ages, occupation or rank, other relatives and/or birth place. Marriage surnames include: Burum:Taylor, Fletcher:Heckle, Muscroft:Kennedy

The death names include cause and other details such as Sapp’s suicide. Death surnames include: Ford, Sapp